Fuse Hybrid Band

A dual-layer leather/silicone hybrid watchband featuring engraved inner grooves for airflow, with an outer leather professional apprearance.

Fuse Hybrid Band

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A dual-layer leather/silicone hybrid watchband for your Apple Watch. The inner silicone layer features engraved grooves providing airflow for maximum comfort, while the outer leather layer qualifies you for any social setting!

Our bands are compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, including the Ultra and Series 9, 8, 7, 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

⦿ Prepared For Any Situation: The outer leather shell and inner silicone layer design allow you to go straight from the gym to a business meeting

⦿ Breathable Design: Engraved grooves provide constant airflow to fight moisture. High-quality silicone inner layer provides ultra comfort to sensitive skin.

⦿ Sweat/Water-Resistant: Because why make a watchband that doesn't allow you to use the waterproof feature of your watch? 

Colors with the label "NOT RESTOCKING" will not be restocked for the foreseeable future once the current inventory is sold out. 

However, we may restock a color 6 to 12+ months after the color sells out at customer request.

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- Receive up to 3 replacement bands per year, just pay shipping & handling! For more info checkout this page

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Receive up to 3 replacement bands per year with our Lifetime Warranty, just pay shipping & handling! For more info checkout this page

Note: We are in no way affiliated with Apple and/or Apple's products. We are a third-party seller of watch bands that are compatible with the Apple Watch. 

A Leather Apple Watch Band that captures with versatility

Every year, Apple stuns its customers with a brand new iWatch model. The incredible functionality of this device is simply hard to miss once you get used to it, and therefore it's no surprise that the Apple Watch is so popular. But to make it not only practical but also fashionable, you need a high-quality strap to give your style that extra kick. So, if you are a classic lover, you definitely cannot miss out on our new genuine leather Apple Watch bands.

Our peculiar crafted pieces leave all the other cheap goods in the dust and promise the highest quality just when it counts. But not only that!

A leather Apple Watch band can be your best companion at any time and in any situation. Whether you're updating your style for the party tonight or you want to rock your suit in the office with a little something extra – combine elegance with extraordinary versatility.

Discover the leather Apple Watch band

The Fuse Hybrid Band is conceived for leather wristband admirers who would like to impersonate a fresh look while using their favorite everyday assistant device.

Most Apple Watch bands are made of silicone – a material that is very adaptable and comfortable for the users. But when it comes to style? Well, silicon bands leave much to be desired.

That is why we created our genuine leather Apple Watch band, to fuse the adaptability of the silicon with the classy look of leather. Leather watch bands are an evergreen in the world of fashion, and with one of them you and your outfit will be covered on any occasion.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful Apple Watch Series 7 leather band or one that fits the sizes in between – the beauty of leather is that it never lets you down, even in the most adventurous situations.

Our versatile leather Apple Watch band – a pleasurable fit for any wrist

We designed the best leather Apple Watch band that is both highly functional and stylish.

Low-quality leather straps can cause irritation to the wrists, especially in sweaty conditions or when a lot of movement is involved. Therefore, training enthusiasts usually swap to simple silicone watch bands during their workouts or outdoor experiences. But with our leather Apple Watch strap, there is no need to continuously change between wristbands when you have to jump from the gym to a formal job meeting or a dinner with friends. Now, you can do both with just one watchband!

Even if you're not the biggest sports fan, our leather Apple Watch band can be a real eye-catcher for you. The inner silicone layer features engraved grooves providing airflow for maximum comfort, while the outer leather layer qualifies you for any social setting. Whether you're at work, school, home or fine dining – our strap is timeless and elegant whenever you wear it. And if you ever get tired of your ribbon, you can easily swap it for one of our colorful loop straps.

Worried about the size?

We all know the typical shopping story: found something you like? Damn, no size that fits you. That's exactly why we've made sure that every wrist, no matter how individual it may be, will find a fit that suits. Our genuine leather Apple Watch straps are not only available in different colors, but also in different strap widths. At Solace, even the smallest or largest wrists will find a stylish accessory that fits them like a glove.

But how do you find out the right size? Whether you need a leather Apple Watch band in 44 mm or in 40 mm can be determined effortlessly with our online sizer. It is a great tool to help you check your individual size in a few simple steps. Typically, a women's leather Apple Watch band sizes smaller than a men's leather Apple Watch band – but, well, who can be quite precise here, right? All we know is that a high-quality Apple Watch leather strap looks great on any wrist and skillfully spices up any outfit.

Leather’s flair and malleability come together in the Solace Hybrid Band

The silicon layer on this leather watch strap is accurately designed to enhance airflow and give a sense of lightness to the user. Thanks to the soft grooves engraved on the bottom layer of our leather Apple Watch band, It will barely feel like wearing a watch at all.

Leather is the quintessential material for an elegant fit. Since our leather Apple Watch bands come in three different colors, it will be easy for you to pick the one that most reflects your personality.

Each leather Apple Watch band is unique and suitable for any occasion. While the fierce black leather Apple Watch band wins on every frontier of style and adaptability, the gray and brown leather Apple Watch band will give you a timeless classic look.

Whatever color you will choose, you will not have to worry about looking unfashionable at important meetings or romantic nights out. The flawless union between style and resistance in every leather Apple Watch strap make them an unmatchable ally for your everyday life events and more.

You have to rush from the beach to the office and don't have time to match your Apple Watch to your outfit? Don't worry! Our leather Apple Watch band is as versatile as you are! Whether you're at the pool, climbing, at the office or at the in-laws' house, the classic wristband lets you rock your style wherever you are.

Leather meets water

Have you ever left your favorite leather strap behind to chase an outdoor adventure? Perhaps, you made a smart choice, knowing the risks of exposing your leather Apple Watch band to water or unpredictable weather conditions. But this is about to change! With our Fuse Hybrid Band, you can write a different story.

One of the best features of an Apple Watch is its resistance to wet depths. It's no secret that the waterproof device can be worn in a swimming pool or on the beach without breaking. And to keep up with this extraordinary feature, we created a premium leather Apple Watch band that has all that, too. Its sweat and water-repellent attributes make it your best companion on any terrain. Together with the right protective case, it will save you even more from worrying too much about the endurance of your favorite device. As you can see, our Apple Watch leather band promises more than it seems at first glance.