Slim Imperium Loop

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The Slim Imperium Loop

A meticulously crafted stretchable band with unique colors for your Apple Watch. The watchband is simple to slip on and off your wrist without the feeling of a bulky clasp, or buckle.
The Slim Imperium Loop is soft, breathable, and water-resistant.  This loop is ready to handle almost anything life throws at you. Compliments guaranteed!

The Slim Imperium Loop includes a Lifetime Warranty!

Our bands are compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, including the Ultra and Series 9, 8, 7, 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

⦿ Flexible and Breathable: High-quality woven nylon fabric provides ultra comfort and friendliness to sensitive skin

⦿ Sweat/Water-Resistant: Soft and textured feel is both sweat and water-resistant to allow you to never hold back.

⦿ Easily Slip On/Off: Ditch the bulky clasp and buckle bands for this solo loop. Easily slip your watch on and off without fighting the band!

⦿ Distinct & Eccentric: Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Each loop is unique in nature with excellent craftsmanship and vibrant colors. 

Colors with the label "NOT RESTOCKING" will not be restocked for the forseeable future once the current inventory is sold out. 

However, we may restock a color 6 to 12+ months after the color sells out at customer request.

What is your exchange and return policy?

- If your band doesn't fit or just isn't for you? You can process returns and exchanges for up to 30 days at

What is your Lifetime Warranty?

- Receive up to 3 replacement bands per year, just pay shipping & handling! For more info checkout this page

When can I expect my package?

- All orders are processed within 24 hours and are shipped to your door within 2-5 days!

Bands From Our Extreme Comfort Line

Designed for all-day wear, these bands offer unmatched comfort without interrupting your daily activities.

Your wrist will be so comfortable that you may forget you are wearing your Apple Watch!

Say Goodbye To Wrist Allergies, Skin Irritation And Discomfort

Designed for round-the-clock wear, our bands are hypoallergenic and designed to prevent skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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Your purchase is backed by our 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you don't absolutely love your Solace band, then send it back for a full refund!

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Note: We are in no way affiliated with Apple and/or Apple's products. We are a third-party seller of watch bands that are compatible with the Apple Watch. 

Apple Watch Stretch Band: Your smartwatch has never been so comfy!

A smartwatch comes with many great features and is a handy assistant in your everyday life. To make sure you can always wear it comfortably and fashionably, we've created the Apple Watch Stretch Band. The band is lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant. So, it's the perfect addition to your smartwatch and everything that awaits you day-to-day. Well, and … compliments are guaranteed! Choose your favorite color and upgrade your Apple Watch with the Stretch Band!

Your everyday routine with smartwatch and Apple Watch Stretch Band

The Apple Watch is a multifunctional gadget: it's your workout buddy, your mini-smartphone, your timepiece, and much more. You may not imagine life without it. At Solace Bands, we design Watch Bands that make you feel comfortable in every situation in your daily life. While other bands don't fit properly, pinch, or simply annoy you during daily use, our elastic Apple Watch Band gives you wonderful comfort.

Sometimes it just has to be stretchy – Apple Watch Stretch band

Your smartwatch needs to match your everyday life and simply be flexible. That's why we developed the Apple Watch Stretch Band. This band for your Apple Watch not only looks stylish, but is also insanely comfortable. Unlike many other bands, it has no clasp. Instead, it's made of braided stretch material. So, you can simply slip the band quickly over your hand and your watch fits securely on your wrist, without any slipping.

A Clasp ... for what? Stretchiness on point!

Magnets, buckles, folding clasps… there are many different closures for smartwatch bands. But honestly, some of them just don't hold up to a lot of movement, or they disturb you in everyday life. Especially large clasps can be a bit annoying when typing on the keyboard, or your clothes keep getting caught on the buckle from the watch band. The Stretchy Apple Watch Band doesn't need a clasp: it's so flexible that you can simply pull it over your hand. This makes the Apple Watch Stretch Band very light and super comfortable. Do you wear your smartwatch overnight to track your sleep? You'll barely notice the watch with the Apple Watch Stretch Band while you sleep because the soft material is breathable and wraps around your wrist quite smoothly. No clasp that pinches, squeezes, or anything else. Sleep well!

Great for sports: Apple Watch & Stretch Band are a winning team

The Apple Watch Stretch Band is your perfect teammate. Do you adore going to the gym? Or do you love taking a relaxed run in the fresh air after work? You probably know the problem with the classic silicone band: the watch wiggles due to the motion on the wrist and is annoying. In addition, you quickly sweat under the fabric. Not cool. Our elastic watch band is wholly different. Unlike silicone, the material is breathable, so you don't sweat underneath. Thanks to the stretch material, the wristband fits perfectly around your wrist and sits nicely without pinching. It's an Apple Watch Stretch Band for watches for small wrists, but simultaneously a Stretch Band for Watches for large wrists. The smartwatch is tight on your wrist and does not disturb you during sports. No shaking, no sweating and excellent hold. Sounds good, doesn't it?

By the way: The Stretch Watch Bands are suitable for almost any Apple Watch – 6, 7 or Ultra. Moreover, we don't distinguish between men and women. Each Stretch Band for watches is a men's band and a ladies band.

Get your Solace: Which band is made for you?

At Solace, we've seen a lot of bands for your smartwatch. Unfortunately, most are simply practical or beautiful – there's no such thing as the perfect mix. That's why we've created Apple Watch bands that are both: fashionable accessories that match your look perfectly, and although comfortable. You don't have to compromise! Create your own collection from different Solace bands. Whether leather, stainless steel, nylon, or silicone – show your personality with a suitable Solace band. You can simply switch and replace the bands as you like, always matching your outfit of the day. All Solace smartwatch bands are designed to be wearable for work, sports, or leisure. So far, you've taken off your smartwatch for special occasions and instead reached for a classic wristwatch? Why should you give up your smart buddy? With our bands, you're totally flexible and can choose how you want your Apple Watch to look.

Do you want to order several Apple Watch bands at once? Great! Of course, you can't wear all of our Solace Bands at the same time, so simply store them in our handy Watch Band Case. More than 10 Solace Bands find their place here and are safely stored until you wear them again.